What we do at Prometeo

Artificial Intelligence for Human Beings

Your Data is Yours

We create value from your data. If you have data gathered from your customers, we can extract valuable information from it that can help boost your business. If you don't have enough data, we can provide our own. In any case, we will never use your data for any other customer.

AI Solutions as a SaaS service

We provide state of the art algorithms to solve the challenges you have in your business. You don't have to be a machine learning expert to benefit from the latest AI technology. We provide an easy access to our algorithms through APIs as SaaS services.

Customized Service

On top of the SaaS service, we create a customized layer adapted to your specific needs. All of our customers are special to us, for this reason, we create a different service for each of them.

Did You Know?

Some cool facts about AI
AI Forecasted revenue by 2020
(in billions dollars)
% of enterprises believe AI
will lead to competitive advantages
% of companies will adopt
AI next year

Industry Solutions

Solutions adapted to any industry
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Our Technologies

Our expertise covers multiple areas of Machine Learning and Deep Learning

Natural Language Processing

Analyzing, understanding and generating language, both written and spoken.

Recommendation Systems

Learning users' interests according to their historical behaviors to predict preferences for a given item and reduce information overload.

Computer Vision

Automatic understanding, analysis and extraction of useful information from images and videos.

Time Series Forecasting

Analysis of temporal series to extract meaningful characteristics and predict future values based on past data.

Reinforcement Learning

Type of machine learning aimed to take optimal decisions, without human intervention, using a system of reward and punishment.

Knowledge Representation

Representing information in a form that can be used by a computer to solve complex tasks, reason and create inference engines.

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