Logistics, supply chain and transportation processes are experiencing profound transformations due to different technologies, and perhaps none carries more potential for innovation and disruption than AI. Machine learning makes it easy to analyze huge volumes of data in an efficient fashion to provide sophisticated analysis, simplify information and help professionals to make informed decisions.


Next, we list our solutions for Logistic and Transportation enterprises.


  • Reduces costs.
  • Avoid late shipments.

Route Optimization

Finding the optimal route for a deliver is challenging, fuel cost can change, roads can temporarily shut down, traffic jams can be unpredictable, the number vehicles to distribute your product can change due to repairs, and weather conditions can be an obstacle. Big data and machine learning can address these problems efficiently and precisely.


  • Better warehouse control.
  • Increase units sold.
  • Reduce costs.

Predictive Demand and Capacity Planning

In the new era of youtube videos and e-commerce stores, some products can become extremely successful over night, creating spikes in their demand and leading to variable shipment volumes. Using AI technology, these spikes can be identified in advance and the warehouse capacity expanded accordingly.


  • Reduction of equipment costs.
  • Reduction of labor costs.
  • Increase in safety.

Predictive Maintenance

It uses machine learning and real-time data gathered from equipment to notify the company's personnel when something is starting to go wrong. That way the machinery can be fixed before there is a catastrophe. This method goes beyond standard maintenance, using the actual condition of an equipment to determine when repairs should be performed.

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