Growth mindset

We believe that lifelong learning individuals can achieve greater success. The first step is to be humble enough to acknowledge our own ignorance. Then we persistently improve ourselves by learning from others and generously devote our time to help others grow with us.

Prometeo's culture

Customer Obsession

Our success comes from customer success. A real customer centric culture involves listening to our customers continuously and honestly, responding to their feedback and anticipating their future needs.

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Key Values

  • We are committed to building an inclusive and diverse company. We empower diverse groups and look for attracting hispanics, blacks, women, LGBTQ people, asians, people with disabilities to our company.
  • We ensure to provide equal pay for equal work.
  • In our core, we are devoted to creating technology for good. We are responsible for making AI systems that help and empower humanity.
  • We are firm advocates of work-life balance. At Prometeo, you can work from home or come to the office. It's completely up to you.